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Evoque Stinger Plus | Scooter Style E-Bikes

Evoque Stinger Plus | Scooter Style E-Bikes

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Style: Rear Seat
Size: 72v 50Ah Removable Lithium
Urban travel should never be boring, which is why the Stinger PLUS brings excitement into the mix. Combining the durable build with a removable 72V 50Ah lithium battery ensures that this e-scooter goes extra long range. The high-tech ride opens up a whole new world of possibilities with the option to swap out the rear seat for a storage box or delivery rack.
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Strong, Durable Build

Only high-quality materials are used to build the frame, yet the scooter weighs just 130lbs, ensuring that it’s nimble and agile to take on theurban environment.

  • Smoothing out the Bumps

    While riding on the Stinger, you feel in control at all times. The hydraulic shock absorber ensures that the bumps are smoothed out and you remain stable, even when hitting higher speeds.

  • Potent Power

    The 500w brushless motor supplies reliable power to navigate the city streets. With quick acceleration, this e-scooter can pick up and go at a moment’s notice.

  • Removable Lithium Battery Charges on the Go

    The 72V 50Ah lithium battery is removable and can be charged from anywhere. This battery ensures a driving range of up to 100 km when fully charged.

  • Handy Storage Solutions

    Stow your gear away in the rear storage box to ensure safety and security. The seat lifts easily to provide instant access.


The Stinger provides high stopping power thanks to the front and back disc brakes. You are never out of control when stopping time is critical.

Enhance the Ride With a Delivery Rack

Whether you work in food delivery or you need more cargo space, opt for the available delivery rack for more customization.

High-End Technology

There’s no reason to pay more when this e-scooter has all of the latest technology features. The display is informative and easy to read, while the power LED indicator lights and front headlights offer maximum

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Battery Range

72V/50Ah Removable Lithium (100-110km range)

Charging Time

4-6 Hrs Depending on battery size

Security System

Has a Remote Alarm System; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock

Load Capacity

180 kg / 396 lbs

Brake System

Rear Brake: Hydraulic Single Disc Brake

Front Brake: Hydraulic Single Disc Brake

Net Weight

150 Lb

Rear Attachments

-Rear storage box, Rear seat and delivery rack

150 LB

Collapsible row

Stress Test