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Evoque City Bee | Scooter Style E-Bikes

Evoque City Bee | Scooter Style E-Bikes

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Size: 48V 23Ah Graphite
Color: Grey
The Evoque City Bee is nothing short of extraordinary with its graphite battery that provides 2-3 times more life expectancy than a typical lead acid yet costs less than lithium. Evoque is the first to incorporate this technology into the e-scooter, providing urban riders with a stylish design unlike any others. Long range combined with a user-friendly price makes this the e-scooter to ride.
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Built for the Long Haul

Urban travel can be hard on an e-scooter, so the City Bee has an ultra-durable design that lasts long and takes the abuse.

  • High-Tech Graphene Lead Acid Battery

    Evoque is the first to install the high-tech 48V 23Ah battery with more life expectancy than lead acid, but at a lower cost than lithium. It will provide two to three times more range than lead acid, with a maximum of 50 km to travel with each charge.

  • Capable Motor

    With its reliable 350w motor, you can run the City Bee for long hours while making deliveries or sightseeing.

  • Spring Damping Suspension

    The spring damping design ensures maximum chassis stability and less bounce when hitting road imperfections for a smoother, more controlled ride.

  • Convenient Storage Rack

    Stow your items away in the front storage rack, which is perfectly suited for your smaller items while you are on the go.

  • Long-Lasting Tires

    The 14” tubeless tires allow lots of riding without worrying about premature wear. Navigate through the city without a care in the world.

  • High-Tech Equipment

    The City Bee is ahead of the competition with its voice-controlled anti-theft system and LED lighting. Get more for less when buying from Evoque.


Battery Range

48V/23Ah Graphite (50km range)

Charging Time

4-5 Hrs


350w Brushless Motor


14 inch tires

Security System

Key lock for battery

Load Capacity


Brake System

Rear Brake: Cable Brake

Front Brake: Cable Brake

Net Weight

105 LBS

E-Scooter Stress Test