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Evoque Atom | Scooter Style E-Bikes

Evoque Atom | Scooter Style E-Bikes

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Size: 60V 26AH Removable Lithium Battery

The Evoque Atom electric scooter takes on urban travel with its sleek, modern design and strong 500w motor. This e-scooter isn’t held back and it features a removable 60V 26Ah ultra-large lithium battery for charging on the go. There’s no reason to spend another dime on fuel when the Atom can supply up to 75 km of travel per charge.

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Durable Construction

This e-scooter is built from a high-strength steel pipe frame. At just 140 pounds, it’s simple to maneuver but always feels strong and in control.

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Tires Meant for the Ride

The 10” wheels do more than look stylish. The wear-resistant, anti-skid vacuum tires provide long tread life for maximum wear.

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    Industry-Leading Motor

    The 500W brushless motor, the same found in the Stinger, is ready for potent power delivery. In just seconds, you can be at cruising speeds with ease.

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    Fast-Charging Removable Lithium Battery

    The 60V 26Ah ultra-large capacity lithium battery gives you the chance to drive up to 75 kilometers per charge. It takes four hours for a full charge, and the removable design means you can take it into the office to charge while working.

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    Stop at a Moment’s Notice

    Front and rear disc brakes provide substantial stopping power. The Atom is equipped to get you where you want to go and stop before a collision occurs.

Technology Remains up to Date

All electronics are sealed and weather-protected for maximum durability. The sleek design doesn’t just look good but also provides purpose. The innovative display gives instant access to data, while the LED indicator lights illuminate night rides.

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Smooth Roads Ahead

The Atom is designed to take bumps like a champ. The hydraulic shock absorber covers the imperfections in the road for an enjoyable commute.


Battery Range

60V/26Ah Lithium (75km range)

Charging Time

4-6 Hrs Depending on battery size

Security System

Has a Remote Alarm System; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock

Load Capacity

280 kg / 600 lbs

Brake System

Rear Brake: Hydraulic Single Disc Brake

Front Brake: Hydraulic Single Disc Brake

Net Weight

140 LB

Product In-Use

Stress Test

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